lisa // east coast, east coats, east goats

am i th eonly one who thinks the iphone 6 mock-ups that have been ‘leaked’ look really really ugly

Schloß Augustusburg, Brühl, Germany.

Schloß Augustusburg, Brühl, Germany.



bomb ass dank ass from up north, purp skurp

Happy 420

where is tom hiddleston


James McAvoy photographed for The Hollywood Reporter

James McAvoy photographed for The Hollywood Reporter

i want to watch shame but also i am afraid my brain will decompose

Hi! My name is Lisa. I'm from the midwest/east coast U.S. and I go to the University of Edinburgh. My goal in life is to become Claire Underwood and form a power couple with my Frank. I like music, nature (sometimes), pets (all the time), and my TV shows (i.e. Broad City, Sherlock, Brooklyn 99, and Grey's). I really like movies, and some of my favorites are Fight Club, TSN, Wanted, Starter for 10, The History Boys, DPS, and of course, Legally Blonde. One day I'd like to be a lawyer in New York and have a billion cats.
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